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Avant Premiere’s long-established repute in the events industry landscape in Sri Lanka has afforded us the resources, expertise and industry network to host a range of premium events to elevate the local event experience for our customers and their stakeholders.

Boney M. feat Liz Mitchell – Live In Sri Lanka

Boney M. feat Liz Mitchell – Live In Sri Lanka



Avant Premiere is the official event management partner for Red Bull Sri Lanka. We are proud to have organized many successful Red Bull events in Sri Lanka.


It’s not surprising that one of Sri Lanka’s favorite pastimes also doubles up as a highly favored and much sought-after event experience by clients worldwide. Avant Premiere is anchored to years of experience in organizing cricket tournaments for clients who are looking for exciting and memorable ways to promote team building, collaboration and a competitive spirit among employees, clients and other key stakeholders.

Avant Premiere has nurtured long-standing partnerships with some of the best cricketing and sporting venues across Sri Lanka along with a network of trusted hotels and resorts. Taking rein of your event from transport and accommodation to ground bookings, tournament arrangement and logistics.

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We have experience in hosting a wide variety of workshops to facilitate sporting professionals including world-renowned high-performance trainers, nutritionists as well as a number of industry leading experts across multiple fields who wish to translate their learnings and insight to benefit their target audiences.

Avant Premiere understands the demand of creating inspirational, competitive and high-octane atmospheres for high-performance workshops, and have successfully conducted many events that have been concluded as a resounding success.

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Boney M. feat Liz Mitchell – Live In Sri Lanka

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