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With videos becoming one of the most powerful and most consumed forms of communication, Avant Premiere is here to help our clients summarize complex business narratives into bite-sized, easy-to-digest concepts. A team of professional videographers and creatives offer the best audio-video production services in the market, from conceptualization and storyboards to entertainment management as well as budgeting for corporate and private events, ensuring your most memorable moments are captured and preserved for years to come.


Avant Premiere leverages years of experience in voicing, narration, mixing and sound recording to offer the best audio editing services that goes hand-in-hand with our fast video editing services. Our audio services portfolio also includes catchy, memorable jingles for your commercials as well as musical tracks for marketing and branding campaigns.


Animations are a great way to communicate highly complex or creative ideas in an easy to digest manner. With Avant Premiere’s expertise and access to the latest computer-generated animation tools and technologies, clients can leverage a wide variety of animation services to boost engagement and influence a wider target audience.

Our video animation service includes:


We draw from our event and tour management expertise to provide logistical support and value-added services for filmmakers, television networks and production companies ready to explore Sri Lanka’s unlimited potential as a filming and production destination. From finding the right location to arranging all necessary permits, we deliver professional production resources and film equipment shooting in Sri Lanka as well as in the Maldives.

Our services include:

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