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November 1, 2022

Union Assurance :: Mid-Year Awards 2022

The Annual Mid Year Award Ceremony organized by Avant Premiere was a large success in recognizing the hard work and dedication of the individuals who have contributed to the growth of a leading Sri Lankan insurance company. The event took place on the 15th of October at the Blue Waters Hotel in Wadduwa, with full colors and a festive atmosphere.

The ceremony was held to recognize the best performing individuals from each district and province of the Island. It was an honor for Avant Premiere to organize and manage such an important event, and the team worked hard to make it as special as possible for the awardees.

The award ceremony began with a heartwarming speech from the CEO of the insurance company. She thanked the hardworking individuals for their contributions and congratulated them for their success. The CEO went on to explain the importance of working together and striving to achieve the best results. The guests of honor then took to the podium to share their experiences and congratulate the awardees.

The awardees were presented with a certificate of achievement and a trophy in recognition of their outstanding performance. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the award winners were announced. Each awardee was also presented with a bouquet of flowers from the organizing team. It was also a great opportunity for the staff of the insurance company to come together and celebrate the achievements of the best performing members of the team.

The event was concluded with a delicious dinner and a special performance by renounced performers displaying an array of dance numbers and musicals.


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